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Scenario Results and Pics

Some pictures and how we did at different scenarios

Wayne's World
Battle for Earth

Section 8 had a great time down at Wayne's World during the Grand Finale of the season. The Battle for Earth pitted the humans (us) against the aliens. Before the battle began on Friday there was a one on one shoot out sponsored by Tippman. What a great event. Four of the psychos from Section 8 entered the event and we did the team proud and got several heads turning noticing the intensity that we play the game with. Bill ended up winning the shoot out and won a new Tippman 98 with the reactive trigger, which is what was used uring the shoot out. This new trigger is awesome and can be adjusted to many different speeds, it almost puts electros to shame, props go out to Tippman on this one. Fred came in third and Aaron finished fifth. We did very well considering the fact that 38 people entered the event and it was played at night using cube lights to see.

The next day the battle began in earnest. The aliens took an early lead by pushing us back towards the base. But we came out swinging and within an hour or two we had pushed them all the way back into thier own staging area. This was no small feat. Remember, there were approxametly 1200 people participating in this event. Section 8 stayed mainly in the heat of things by helping to push everyone forward when things got bogged down. Across the field you could find members of the team in our distinctive shirts urging the lines forward. From a personal note, there was one instance that the line was within sight of the alien base and I was at the front urging people forward. I turned and opened up on the base and when I did this everyone behind me opened up. I have never experienced so many paintballs being shot in one direction before. I looked up and all that I saw was a solid sheet of little red paintballs flying towards the enemy base. If you have never experienced paintball on this size, you have never lived.

By the night of the first day, the humans were in definitive control of things. The aliens hoped for a good showing during the night, as usually the team that does good during the day doesn't fair as well at night. But unfortunately for the aliens, we out did them by leaps and bounds. We completed more than twice as many missions than they did. On our first mission of the night, we kept one group of aliens pinned down concentrating on us while two of our missions went on to be completed. Although the mission we had been sent on had failed, by keeping the other group pinned down, two other groups of humans were able to complete thier missions. I will take that outcome anytime.

After that mission we hung around the base and had the worst time trying to keep the alien scum out. This was the only real snafu that we had all weekend long.

The next day rolled around and the inal push by the aliens was squashed before it ever got going good. And in the end we won by more than 2000 points.

Props go out to the Moist Donuts from Georgia. I see why there is some antimosity towards these guys even if it is all in fun. They are a sneaky bunch of guys and very fun to play against. Hopefully next time we will take some pages out of thier book of tricks and use it against them. And we all look forward to playing with the Rat Patrol, Black Berets, and Bad Monkeys at the next event in Feb.

At the end of the game as always there was an incredible amount of prizes to be handed out. Fred was the second winner of the giveaway and for the team and picked up a brand new silver BushMaster 2000. Max was next by getting another BM2K this one red. So it was not a bad weekend for Section 8, three of us picked up great new markers, and we had a great time.

Hope to see you at the next one down with Wayne Dollack in Ocala Florida.


Both Aaron (right) and the guy on the left stuck thier heads over the log at the same time and came back down at the same time. Unfortunately they both got gogged at the same time. Both swear they had nailed the guy that shot them first, but we may never know.


See the white stuff out in the woods? Nope it didn't snow, that is a tree and foliage totally covered in paint. This is just a small example of how much paint was slung during this event. This is the humans stopping the advance of the aliens during the final battle.


The after effects of a smoke grenade in the woods.


Daniel trucking into action.


Aaron moving up to help Daniel and the Doom Troopers during the final battle. You can just make out our mascot, "Psycho-Slinger" on his back. More of him to come.


Daniel taking the walk.
P.S. I know it hurts Daniel, but we all have to do it at some time.
The Editor

More to come.

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