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Practice Pics

Just Pics From practice and fooling around.


This is Paul and Fred at the recent "Clues" scenario Game at Wayne's World. Wayne really outdid himself with this one and Adam, Paul and Fred all had a great time. We learned alot and are ramping up for the Grand Finale in December. Hope to see you there.

The next few pics are really non-action shots. They are just some of us hanging out or goofing off (which we seem to do a lot of). Hope you enjoy.


J Jones, Fred, Adam, JJ Moore and Doug Loading up for a day of practice.


JJ Moore posing as "Rocky". No offense to Rocky, he is a great guy and one heck of a player. We wish we could all play as well as he does.


"Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what'ya gonna do? What'ya gonna do when they come for you?"
J Jones and Fred re-enact a scene from earlier in the day when the two of them and Doug saw a fight at a Hardee's restaurant at 11 in the morning. Needless to say it was an interesting day. JJ Moore looks on trying to get some pointers.

The following shots are from a recent practice on the 13th of October up at Low Country Paintball. Lots of great guys up ther and we are looking forward to playing against them in future practices. We are also teaming up with them for the Grand Finale to give each of our teams more clout.


Here is Doug trying to shoot someone out. Doug is a slick player to be up against. I am always glad he is a Hardcore Section 8 player.


Adam letting it fly.


Section 8 on the break. JJ, Doug, J and Adam move forward.


Paul and J Jones relaxing at the restaurant after a day of practice.


Ah, the infamous flat tire. Adam, Paul and JJ Moore wait for Fred, J Jones and Doug to come back 40 miles to help them. Lucky for them the Sheriff's dept. was near and called Fred on his cell. The really sad thing is that all three of them work as mechanics.


Poppa Smurf being as cheesy as he can be.


Adam's play toy. Paul seems to be shining it for him, hmm?


JJ and J working the same bunker.


J Jones patiently waiting to make his move.


Paul walking off the field triumphantly. Bad Paul, no barrel plug!


Fred waiting for Paul to pop up. Too bad paul was out of air.


JJ as Rocky again. Too bad he doesn't play as good as Rocky huh?


Cassi, Adam's girl, the photographer for most of the day. Thanks for the pics and being such a good sport while dodging paint.

More to follow soon.

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