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League Standings and Tourney Results

We are going to play in a league after the first of the year. Anyone running another league in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine vicinity please feel free to contact us and we will try to participate. After the league starts we will post standings and how we faired.

On this page, I'll include the league standings. I'll also add final scores to tournaments that the team plays in.

Last Updated: 03/30/02


The first tournament outing for Section 8 started out rough, but we prevailed and pulled out first place in the November 25th charity food tournament at All-American Paintball.


On April 21, Dave, Daniel, and Fred went to Rapid Fire Recreation in St. Augustine to play a three man tourney and came in first place rookie.

On June 2nd, Section 8 travelled to Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven FL. to play the Southeastern Regionals sponsored by BPP. The team took two three man teams and we competed in our first ever five man. The day of the three man was tough for the ward guys and just as tough for the section guys as well. The ward finished 32nd out of 34 teams and the section finished 27th. All had a good time and learned many valuable lessons. Each team played hard and gave as good as they got which is important for this was the first major tournament that any of us had travelled to.

During the five man, Section 8 faired much better. They were placed in a very even division where every point counted. They finished 30th out of 37 which was an improvement. The only reason they didn't finish higher was because of a 25 point penalty that was assessed, but the same penalty earned them the sportsmanship award for the day. Congratulations to all the winners of the day and to Section 8 for an outstanding showing of how to play fair and stand-up paintball.

Look for some action pictures in the photo section.

Some of the guys competed in a local tournament at the sponsor field called pot-luck paintball. JJ, Justin and Kenney combined to win the day and take home the pot. Chris also stepped in to play with Pat from team Mayhem to come in second place.

Congratulations to all and we hope to see more teams out on the second Saturday of each month to enjoy pot-luck paintball.

On June 25th, Section 8 travelled to Gainesville to compete in the Viper Venom series. There was a low turn out so the older Section 8 guys played with the rookies for simple prizes and bragging rights.

The Section 8 Delinquents were entered in the rookie division already so it made for some extra practice for the team and a chance for some new competition with the guys from Bad Karma from down south.

The Delinquents faired very well for thier first ever tournament outing, but fell a little short when they had a zero point game. Neither side scored any hits nor was the flag pulled before time expired. This pushed the Delinquents out of contention, but helped the older guys to a second place finish.

A good time was had by all and more lessons were learned along the way. Congratulations to the old fogeys on thier second place standing and winning of a cool trophy.

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