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PsychoSlinger is here, just like I promised. He is a little off, but so are we all and we love him for it.
Disclaimer: His rants and tirades do not necessarily represent the views of the team or the webmaster, but someone has to say it.

1. Friendly fire is not, and often finds the most embarassing places to hit.

2. Everyone is trying to shoot you, paranoia is your friend.

3. If a great idea doesn't work, it wasn't so great.

4. A lucky shot counts just like a good shot.

5. Incoming fire is more accurate than outgoing fire.

6. Luck is often better than skill, and most people depend on luck.

7. Those who wield Brass Eagle will be made fun of, but not the first time out.

8. There is always someone better than you, chances are you have not met them yet.

9. What bounces in practice will always break in the tourney.

10. If you are outnumbered, it is called a strategic withdrawal. If you have the numbers, the other team turned tail and ran.

11. Loudmouths tend to be paint magnets, shut your trap.

12. If your opponent is in range guess what? So are you.

13. There is no shame in being beaten, the only shame in paintball is cheating.

14. I'm so good you should just sit in the dead box and save yourself the "walk".

15. Never play by sitting behind the bunker hoping that your teammates will win the game for you, they may be thinking the same thing.

16. Never ever shoot up the newbie, he may be your teammate in the final tourney game that saves your team from the loss.

17. Never slam your opponents, this has a funny way of haunting you during the "walk".

18. If you are not willing to sacrifice your body for the sport, go home now, don't waste my time.

19. Get off my field!

20. Pain is temporary, glory is forever.

21. Shoot more paint, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

22. Never use your marker for unlawfull uses, it makes the sport look bad and pisses off those of us who don't do it.

23. I love the smell of CO2 in the morning, it smells of bunkering.

24. I love you man, let me show you with 2 ozs at 280 FPS, that is what I call tough love.

25. No walk is good walk.

26. The referee never sees the guy who wipes then shoots you.

27. The ref has no sense of humor, calling him a name will not bring a smile to his face.

28. Fortune favors the bold, in your face paint-slinging will win over camping out any day.

29. Paranoia can be a good thing when gaurding the base at night.

30. It is better to gog than to be gogged.

31. Do unto others before they do unto you.

32. You didn't lose because the field was uneven; you lost because you suck, quit whining.

33. You are right, you did roll over us, but wait a minute, we stole 50 points from you and you are going home the same time as we are. That doesn't sound like a roll over to me.
34. Don't talk smack to me when I have shot you off the field every game and the only way for you to shoot me is for the ref to put you back in the game to shoot me from the opposite side of the field after I have already put you out, it shows your age!
35. Talking smack is reserved for those who are left standing after the game is over, not for those standing on the sidelines trying to see through the paint on thier goggles.

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